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Therapeutic massage + yoga with an individualistic approach

body & mind in balance

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I approach therapeutic massage and yoga with intuition, compassion and honesty. Treatments unite mindful insight and feedback to provide each client with a deeper understanding and awareness of the body as well as the tools to further achieve balance and well-being beyond their session.


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My world revolved around movement during my formative years, dedicating my time to tumbling, ballet, jazz, tap, modern and trampoline class. That passion for physical activity expanded to include Yoga in 2001, which introduced a holistic perspective to movement. The study of Yogic and Ayurvedic philosophy deepened my physical practice, while introducing me to breathing techniques, meditation and mindfulness for inner balance and well-being.

I established myself professionally in residential real estate. Working alongside prominent Chicago real estate developers for over a decade, I oversaw sales, marketing, social media and closing operations. As the market shifted, I took an opportunity to grow as a new business project manager for a marketing research and strategy firm. For five years, I was privileged to support many clients and teams over in applying social science disciplines. This povided insight-driven strategic direction for brand development, innovation, customer experience and behavior design.

Drawn to movement and energetic based modalities, holistic approaches to health and the mind-body connection, I desired to apply my passion to life experience. In 2016, I attended Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and earned an Associate Degree in Massage Therapy and Asian Bodywork. I received my 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate from Nature Yoga Sanctuary in 2018. Now, I enjoy incorporating yoga therapy into my massage work in addition to leading public and private classes.

Blending knowledge of anatomical well-being, movement, holistic studies and social science, I am skilled in addressing physical ailments as well as giving clients the tools to further improve their health and well-being beyond their session. I am honored to support the needs of individuals, while providing comprehensive care through therapeutic massage and yoga instruction.



It is my promise to provide comfort and confidence in the services provided. 
I offer a healing space that is welcoming, supportive and safe for all.